Blogger’s Block

I'm facing what no one calls, a Blogger's Block. So usually, when I have existing Blogs, I choose not to write a Post, but keep pondering around the possibilities of writing one. In this case, this one. Eventually, the thought quickly fades, conjuring a completely opposite or unrelated thought bubble in it's place. That's not even... Continue Reading →


Trial Tale

So I'm trying to fix a format for this type of post. Maybe fix it to a number of characters, or the number of characters in a story. Not even sure if the way of telling the story is going to be first person or third person. Short is sweet, but what length is short and... Continue Reading →

Machinery vs Missionary

There isn't much a story here, than there is to the title. This came up as a pronouncing thing when talking to a colleague at work. The meanings are world apart, but a true visionary will know how machinery and missionary are similar to the core. Blabber of the day, ladies and gentlemen.

Encounter Specialist

Yep. That's me! I keep retrospecting life a lot these days. A pattern emerged. To date, the decisions I have taken, be it love, job opportunities, designation switch, education etc. have purely been sudden encounters. For instance, my 1st job, as a Game Tester, was purely out of an encounter with a friend who dropped... Continue Reading →

Blabber #1

Supposedly wanted to do a post a day kind of thing. Apparently didn't work. Nevertheless the blabbering will not rest. 5/6 blogs later hello to you. If you're reading this, the chances of you entering this category mean only one thing, hear what this one has to say. I'll enlighten you in a bit.

Why I call myself what I am calling myself?

So I'm definitely not a Parsi fanatic, nor do I have a Parsi bloodline. While I love this lot, Prototypewala is not another Parsi surname. Having spilled beans on this aspect, I'd rather clarify the other side as well. I'm neither a wallah. Chai-wallah, dudh-wallah, paper wagera wagera, nope. I ain't no wallah. Prototype making,... Continue Reading →

I solemnly swear, that whatever idea that may dawn upon me, I will dig deep. I will invest time to think. I will ask the right questions. I will make sure I have enough answers to move this idea into an actual, full-blown prototype. The souls of 8.5 Prototypes spanning over 3 Years and 2... Continue Reading →

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