Noor. A Review.

Ok, so I usually go around bashing Sonakshi Sinha for her unavailable acting skills, and well, sometimes her bulky self(read : Do not consider this a body shaming comment, that's a different term I am far from eligible to even make use of) Noor, however is a different story altogether. Riding the offbeat movie waves,... Continue Reading →


Naam Shabana. A review.

Movies starring female protagonists, and action oriented, carry a sense of heavy responsibility to deliver. Mardaani, Akira and now Naam Shabana all fill the same boat. Naam Shabana, from it's announcement felt a fitting prequel to Baby, that incorporated various secret agents engaged in curbing criminal activities over the world. Sounds like an Avengers movie plot... Continue Reading →

The Conjuring 2 : A Lazy Review

This possibly would be the worst start to the section of Reviews. I am not at all maintaining this statement in honor of the featured film, but the timing of this review. Hearty accolades need to be passed on to The Conjuring 2, a June 2016 release, that I saw for the 2nd time yesterday,... Continue Reading →

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