The Puneri post

Ok, so I'm here in my home town, Pune and this definitely feels like home. Apart from the fact that I spent life's 26 years comfortably here, the nature of the city itself takes the cake. This post is intended to come across as a conversational form of essay writing, weird combination but I'd want... Continue Reading →

RyW hello.

After around 2 months, I've re-visited my best yet project. RyW. Also known as Right Ya Wrong. Simple Tinder meets Bollywood Quiz type game that has been under development for the past 8 Months. Tons of missed deadlines later, which included major design changes, user tests, and self analysis, the project is still long from being announced... Continue Reading →


Car pooling seemed like an excellent idea. Not on longer routes. Not especially when you're the first to get in...

The Journey.

Definitely not referring to the amazing game, nor am I referring to a M Night Shyamalan movie. This post bears testimony to an experience that I undergo twice a day. Inter-city travelling. Bangalore is just another regular metro city, except for the fact that it is huge, it is crowded, it has all the possible... Continue Reading →

Filler post.

This one's just an odd timed filler post to literally keep in touch with the blog. Owing to the journey, an account of which I put in a blog post earlier, times have become too difficult to keep up with. A day simply zooms off unnoticed. Luckily I got a break from it, and spend... Continue Reading →

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

No seriously. No time for this or that. I recently relocated to this 'halli' or village in Bangalore, by the name Jalahalli. For folks who've been asking around at this point as to why this is a big deal,might want to know that it is far from the main city, far enough as per Bangalore... Continue Reading →

To do or not to do

That time of the blog is here. A time, when I begin thinking of writing or blogging, but just don't see myself doing it. This dumb feeling follows each and every blog of mine, resulting in eventual rusting of the blog and abandonment. At prototypewala this however is one of those linking posts to maintain... Continue Reading →

31 days since incident.

My current 'the prototype' remains untouched for the last 31 days. The time before leaving for Dubai, and after coming back... I have lost complete focus. My only mumbling posts are witness to this state. I'm not even sure what that means. Having easily inclined to writing now, I hope to retake the journey that... Continue Reading →


I tried digging up old reviews and articles from a downed facebook page but to no avail. The matter, the kind of writing, the kind of facts stated upfront make me cringe immediately, as is the case for anyone stepping out in anew industry or area, and takes out time to retrospect old work. Nevertheless... Continue Reading →

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