1st Prototype ever.

This is a complete retrospect. I'd never imagined a point in life where I'd be making games on my own. Literally on my own. Having studied to become an artist, worked in QA, switched into the capacity of a Level Designer and currently rolling in the Game Design chronicles, my skill set has pretty much... Continue Reading →


Talking Hobbies

Game designing and development are turning too near and dear an aspect to me. People have hobbies, surfing the internet, playing chess, drawing, origami and what not. This to me is turning out to be my new way of exhaling. Also, when I mean a new way, it's basically been something I've been up to... Continue Reading →

The Puneri post

Ok, so I'm here in my home town, Pune and this definitely feels like home. Apart from the fact that I spent life's 26 years comfortably here, the nature of the city itself takes the cake. This post is intended to come across as a conversational form of essay writing, weird combination but I'd want... Continue Reading →

The Itch.

Yeah, long time and all that. Moving on. Recently, the 'new game' bug bit too hard. Having been playing C.A.T.S. for a very long time, something struck. An idea for a platformer, merged with a player as a vehicle(Metal Slugish) that meets Super Meat Boy. More details as I sketch out the idea thoroughly. TTYL... Continue Reading →

Noor. A Review.

Ok, so I usually go around bashing Sonakshi Sinha for her unavailable acting skills, and well, sometimes her bulky self(read : Do not consider this a body shaming comment, that's a different term I am far from eligible to even make use of) Noor, however is a different story altogether. Riding the offbeat movie waves,... Continue Reading →

RyW hello.

After around 2 months, I've re-visited my best yet project. RyW. Also known as Right Ya Wrong. Simple Tinder meets Bollywood Quiz type game that has been under development for the past 8 Months. Tons of missed deadlines later, which included major design changes, user tests, and self analysis, the project is still long from being announced... Continue Reading →


Car pooling seemed like an excellent idea. Not on longer routes. Not especially when you're the first to get in...

Naam Shabana. A review.

Movies starring female protagonists, and action oriented, carry a sense of heavy responsibility to deliver. Mardaani, Akira and now Naam Shabana all fill the same boat. Naam Shabana, from it's announcement felt a fitting prequel to Baby, that incorporated various secret agents engaged in curbing criminal activities over the world. Sounds like an Avengers movie plot... Continue Reading →

The Journey.

Definitely not referring to the amazing game, nor am I referring to a M Night Shyamalan movie. This post bears testimony to an experience that I undergo twice a day. Inter-city travelling. Bangalore is just another regular metro city, except for the fact that it is huge, it is crowded, it has all the possible... Continue Reading →

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