The Puneri post

Ok, so I’m here in my home town, Pune and this definitely feels like home. Apart from the fact that I spent life’s 26 years comfortably here, the nature of the city itself takes the cake.
This post is intended to come across as a conversational form of essay writing, weird combination but I’d want to call it that for your attention and connection.
Pune or Poona, is the land of the Maharashtrians, easily addressed as the Oxford of the west and a growing IT Hub. As much as I suck at passing on legit information, I know my soil. The people, the governance, the food, the pace of this city makes you breathe, explore and react in the manner no other city can. Metropolitan cities are not to be used as a benchmark, since they are up and out there at a scale very different. Pune is still figuring out the whole Metropolitan aspect, but as much as it wants to be there, it will take its own time and energy.
My adventures from School days to youth to being an adult have grown and evolved in huge volumes, enough to shape the very internal and external character I own. True, your parents shape you, education builds you, but a city’s way of existence adds the most important aspect to your journey, perspective.
This being a candid post about me praising my city, could be completely misleading to some, helpful to others and irrelevant to most of you reading, so fear not, for I intend to get specific with my stories here, to help you bond more better with Pune. Possibly in the awe of getting you up to speed on life, and ways when and if you find yourself here and looked across on the internet to ways of life in Pune.


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