Noor. A Review.

Ok, so I usually go around bashing Sonakshi Sinha for her unavailable acting skills, and well, sometimes her bulky self(read : Do not consider this a body shaming comment, that’s a different term I am far from eligible to even make use of)

Noor, however is a different story altogether. Riding the offbeat movie waves, this piece of cinematic reference bears a female carrying the flag of a protagonist high and proud. In a career spanning movies where-in Sonakshi’s graced her presence as being around super-cops, and being sidelined in general, her call to fame post Akira is yet another, female fronted, my-job-sucks affair flick. Not tending to move into the stream of spoilers whatsoever, Noor, as indicated in the trailer, is a journalist doing the unworthy type of news stories for an agency. She’s constantly on the lookout for a breakthrough, a fresh perspective in her stream of journalism. Her desperation talks not only on a fictional level, but also a factual one, for that is how the world is coming around these days. Journalists around the globe trying to break the clutter these days end up making or baking news bits to suit their/channel’s quota of ‘virality’ or ‘trending’. This movie is a strong call out for this category of hungry selfish journalists. I’ll give you that.

The final ‘story’ by Sonakshi Sinha talks big bold of a city, and it’s current state of affairs. Frankly I’m surprised this bit even cleared Mr. Pahlaj Nihlani’s clutches, but looking at how these issues generate overtime, the Censor Board seems to have been much more mature and liberal with this one. Evidently enough my expectations shifted from a happy, funny movie to an investigative journalism oriented flick, led by the protagonist Sonakshi. Kinda-sort-of surprising, but the transition seemed seamless. Kanan Gill has done a ton of sketches on the YouTube and is supremely experienced in the art of timing, so was off the bat straight up, clearly avoiding any side-actor vibes. In-fact his character’s presence was the most ‘felt’ one, especially in sections where Sonakshi/Noor took up unwanted amount of screen time. This new era of actors being picked up from the foray of stand-up comedians is becoming my favorite to be honest. Purab’s role was short, did what it was meant to, and clearly not as stand out as was expected. He literally stood there being all cool, carrying the stud character aura, unfortunately didn’t add up much to the story, probably more of a character thing from the story’s perspective.

Wrapping up this blabber, Sonakshi does a stellar job of passing around a strong message to an audience that is looking to dive into fresh content from wherever possible, while while utilizing the powers of Social Media. Go watch Noor, to get a fresh take on life, off this clutter of an industry Bollywood is set to become where everyone’s looking to breakout.


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