Unless you’re too gareeb or mentally challenged, or between a route testing phase similar to me, do not, I repeat do not attempt a Pool/Share. Ok, I don’t mean offence to the concept, but it seems it isn’t for me at least yet. I attempted pooling from Indiranagar at 9, and we ran into pickup and drop twice. My route’s currently gone for a toss and we’re busy figuring who to pick and where from, in a cab being driven by a new at work cabbie. Good morning.

Evening update was neither great nor exciting. The usual, you book a pool ride, people hop on and off your route, you sit behind and chill in the A/C while even crossing the same signal multiple times. Moreover someone books, and when we are almost about to reach this stupid someone, it is cancelled. I mean what the actual fuck. 

Never again. Pooling on longer routes will just make the feeling of reaching home vanish and you’ll be best friends with the backseat or front seat forever.


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