The Journey.

Definitely not referring to the amazing game, nor am I referring to a M Night Shyamalan movie. This post bears testimony to an experience that I undergo twice a day. Inter-city travelling.

Bangalore is just another regular metro city, except for the fact that it is huge, it is crowded, it has all the possible modes of transportation, and a fractured/slowly-rising metro network. Among the many stranded, I, exist. The journey, for me is a 31km one-way. A total of 62km a day!

Jalahalli West is located in the Northern portion of Bangalore, a rural section, slowly urbanising. From here the journey begins, onto the nearest metro station Jalahalli Cross. A vehicle thus is parked here to take me to and fro off this Station. From Jalahalli Cross, the Metro transports me to the last station on the undone Green Line, Mantri Sampige Square. Here, is parked my bike, that takes me to HSR Layout, that lies in the South-East part of Bangalore. Since this is a hack I discovered alongwith Shweta recently, the travelling earlier took a crazy toll on me. Thanks to this hack, I am saving 30kms a day, waiting for this figure to come down to almost 40, when the metro green line connection to Kempegowda Metro Station is done.

The last known deadline for this is 2nd Half of May, so merry travelling to me!


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