Ain’t nobody got time for that!

No seriously. No time for this or that. I recently relocated to this ‘halli’ or village in Bangalore, by the name Jalahalli. For folks who’ve been asking around at this point as to why this is a big deal,might want to know that it is far from the main city, far enough as per Bangalore standards. To give you a better picture, this one’s on the way to Pune.

This post itself has undergone so many edits till I could convince myself that addressing this shifting phase is important to keep the blog running and letting the onlookers know of the delay. 2hrs of travelling time has been subtly injected in my daily commute, but hey, I’m not complaining. If only I could kill some of those horrendous road contractors of Bangalore to have chalked out such a ridiculous street structure. Following that up with the nonsensical breed of dumb bus and auto rickshaw drivers and lastly, overlooking any gender stereotypes, the female drivers.


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