The Conjuring 2 : A Lazy Review

This possibly would be the worst start to the section of Reviews. I am not at all maintaining this statement in honor of the featured film, but the timing of this review. Hearty accolades need to be passed on to The Conjuring 2, a June 2016 release, that I saw for the 2nd time yesterday, and thought it needed to be addressed through my lens.


I initiated a blog post, thinking of indicating an ‘easter-egg’ I seem to have found in the bookshelf scene where Warren Lorraine sits with her daughter. Apparently, not only am I too late in dedicating a blogpost to this ‘finding’, but also the shameful fact rose, that there are another 3 such instances where the word ‘VALAK’ shows up in the film. Might have to re-visit this one. Director-writer James Wan, has left no stone unturned, while creating a classic sequel to a fitting series of cases from Ed and Warren Lorraine.

The movie takes off directly into the Ammityville attacks, and how the demonic activity there has instilled caution and fear in the families staying there, years after the incident. James very smartly creates a connection between Ammityville and the Enfield case, that the movie is based on, with the scary-nun’s over-arching involvement.


Storyteller James’ wand spews a gripping story that quickly moves us into a ride through the ongoings at the Enfield House, where Jannet is taken host by a poltergeist-ish spirit, that eventually turns out to be Valak’s puppet. The eventual sacrifice was Jannet, who however, quite heroically if I may add, is saved by the ghost busting couple Ed and Warren.

The movie however falls short of exposing Valak earlier, that probably could have added to the jump-scares one should feel and expect from a Conjuring ‘cult’ film. The old man’s episode on the other hand seemed stretched a bit beyond expectation, nevertheless, a build-up as it may seem, looking to end up in the show-down that was projected from the Director’s eye.

I’m in no state to watch the Conjuring 2 a third time, simply due to the having-seen-it-all and not-felt-much jumpy over the stretch of 2 hours.

For a fresher however, I would definitely recommend the Conjuring 2 as a satisfying equivalent to it’s predecessor, the Conjuring, that depicted Bathsheba’s story. Bathsheba’s story is however the one, in my opinion, the one with the higher stake yet, and might even give me a jolt or a spaz attack, even to date.



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