Blogger’s Block

I’m facing what no one calls, a Blogger’s Block. So usually, when I have existing Blogs, I choose not to write a Post, but keep pondering around the possibilities of writing one. In this case, this one. Eventually, the thought quickly fades, conjuring a completely opposite or unrelated thought bubble in it’s place. That’s not even the real problem though.

I’ve attempted writing in so many ways, in the past, that I am completely sitting and staring at a blank canvas, hoping it reads my mind and I can simply sit and correct the thought-to-text. Maybe someday. Not today though.

It’s like, a game’s style. Any game, tries to sell itself on the basis of it’s look and feel first, the mechanics later. That’s how you see video trailers/screenshots in the Play/App store. Going by the similar analogy, writing has it’s own ways and styles. Having no experience in copy writing at the slightest, I’m looking to inculcate a raw style, more relevant to the average Indian, who does not have to understand the context or the meaning of the word being used for what and where.

And on the same journey, my 1st Boss fight is with this Blogger’s block. As I’m figure out its weakness, bear with the blabber. Please.


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