Encounter Specialist

Yep. That’s me!

I keep retrospecting life a lot these days. A pattern emerged. To date, the decisions I have taken, be it love, job opportunities, designation switch, education etc. have purely been sudden encounters.

For instance, my 1st job, as a Game Tester, was purely out of an encounter with a friend who dropped a line that said, “I’m paid to play games”. 6 years in QA later, it still hits me as a momentous decision, that got me the knowledge and experience(also money)

The love of my life, also was another wild encounter. Pesky folks that come to talk to you regarding something revolutionary/life changing is a common thing in India, that you probably would smirk and simply walk by. The love of my life, Shweta, was doing something similar, for a youth oriented program. This one, I chose to listen through, instead of walking past like the others. 8.5 Years later, I’m blessed to be around this person as a lifetime worth of friendship/family bondage. Encounter, ladies and gentlemen.

Another ‘BIG’ worth mentioning has definitely got to be my recent one. As mentioned earlier, my transition to Bangalore, was to be filling into a Gameplay Programmer’s position. Being totally reluctant and pensive of this role, I encountered, or rather was sought after by this crazy duo who wished to Make India Play. The opportunity indicated a Game Designer’s role, that to me, was the core of my skillset. The encounter thus cemented my switch from a dreaded gameplay programmer’s role, to a Game Designer’s role who also looks after localized content. Encounter sirjee, encounter.

On that note, this Blabber needs to rest, in-case another encounter is written my way!


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