Prototypewala, a name that has been running around my brain for a long time, is a platform to showcase my prototypes, regardless of the current abandoned status, and successes(if any) I may have procured doing the same, during my spare time.

Prototyper, is what you might be most interested in. I’m a complete pseudo programmer, who at a point in life rescued himself from being fit into a position of a Game Developer. Having moved into a Design position ever since, I’ll share insights, learnings for an audience who is not aware of how non-programmers make games. Most probably your starting point in understanding the basics of game development, quick prototyping and maybe some exercises.

Blog, is just me ranting about things. Yeah, twitter/FB does the job, but there are things I really can’t fit in 140 characters, maybe there are, but in a long blabber, I would rather do it in a single seating, a single post.

Polti Baba, is my re-incarnated corner of short stories, while paying a tribute to one of the greatest storytelling series I came across, as growing up.

Travel Stories, is another kind of a post category that I would choose to fill up only through pictures(mostly), some trivia, and quick trips thrown here and there from my trips through India, also the World in general!

As you may already have known/guessed it, I’m a multi-faced personality who takes complete pride in sharing with the world, all my adventures that are worth talking in an unfiltered manner.

This is where I’ll leave you, to explore my creative and wacky side.


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